All About Dudes ft. Professor Shyguy

by Dr3amLand

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Beat produced by Young Catface


(Getting to know dudes
Getting to know all about dudes
Maybe you'll like dudes
Give em' a chance and you'll see) x2

Welcome to Dr3amLand turn up the volume
Anybody not here give them a call to
Gonna set the record for the loudest decible
a thousand decimals, pounding festival
Biggest party this side of politics
its minecraft pick stop then pick
We'll sit back and watch our limits break
bend fate
So pop your mystery blocks, get your power-ups on
leave your real life right now, cuz theres enough wrong
This is a land of dreams and everyone of em's lucid
Doc 3am passing it to ZaKK the stupid.

Funny. Fatty. Lets get serious
I need a beer assist, check the list
but know this
eat you up like Hostess
No law and order and its long been overdue
You say OBJECTION! I say overruled!
Its Cobble-rin' time, and I do what I want
Southern drawl rap master, watch me flaunt


Lights, camera, ZaKKtion, its insane
but we'll a better christmas than John McClain
cuz we live hard but we're gonna die harder
You're Gomer Pyle, just call me Sargeant Carter
Cuz I'm a US MC, microphone controller
With a mind like Deadpool, brushing dirt off six shoulders
breaking all 4 walls with yellow box's floating over
with a red dead revolver, 6-shooter in my holster

We're gonna party like its 2099
we're sticking to the lime light, alright,
eyesight even better with VATS
and that's enough to take all of your caps
but I'm a hyrule historian, and though most of its boring em'
we're crossing three timelines and reforging em'
engorging em' until they can't take no more
Exploding bigger than bob ombs when we hittin the floor

Open up the VALVE and let off some STEAM
You can't touch this even in your dreams
We take nerdy comedy rap and with a scheme
concepts obscene, mix em in clean, blow it all to smithereens

We're like an oracles of seasons, and while we're breathing
taking to beating the reasons of fleeting weekends and heating
up the pot ZaKK and Doc going shot for shot hitting on the mark

and this is what we've got!



released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Dr3amLand Morristown, Tennessee

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