Bacon Pancakes Single

by Dr3amLand

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released November 24, 2012




Dr3amLand Morristown, Tennessee

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Track Name: Bacon Pancakes (ft. Jake the Dog)
Well I really don't know what
I just wanted to rap on this buuuut
I don't really like pork muuuuch
but in a pancake and I'd eat it up
rising to the top like a pancakes overloaded with bacon
and I'm gonna rap like Finn and Jake nightosphere hatin'

rapping fast on BP, just cuz I got the Cc
This will be the best song about pork and yeast
now mix them together and lets have a feast!
bacon pancakes that's what we'll eat

Finn and Jake adventure time another line another rhyme
Lemongrab is unnacceptable with all his whining and gripes
Got the ice king shaking, gonna warm it up I tore it up
threw on the ground and found the enchiridion
teleported to a distant land, dropped a bomb
released the lich and then came back home
sorry guys I guess that was a bad on my part
but now The land of Ooo has its start and a toter of tarts
a candy princess and a Hero just in time
and a Dog named Jake the beatsmith for this rhyme!
Fin and Jake adventure time
Bacon pancakes isn't a food its a way of life